Competitions Hub

Welcome to the Speaking Competitions Hub! We'll keep all of our information on entering the competitions here, as well as all the documents and links that you'll need to compete in our debating and public speaking programs.

The Premier's Debating Challenge

Here are all the main things you might need for the 2023 challenge, including the information guides to each age division, the various chairperson and results forms, and most importantly the link to book an online adjudication. Best of luck for your debates!

General debating information

Detailed information on the different age divisions

Chairperson and results forms

Public speaking competitions

Entries are still open for the Legacy Junior Public Speaking Award, but for all other public speaking competitions entries have closed and planning is underway. Please contact the Speaking Competitions Officer as soon as possible if you need to request a late entry in either the Plain English Speaking Award or the Multicultural Perspectives Competition.

The Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Competition

The Legacy Junior Public Speaking Award

The Plain English Speaking Award