Connections program

Kindergarten to Year 12 students with disability

Throughout the year, students and their teachers are offered the opportunity engage in a variety of projects and programs that enable them to create their own works, based on a central theme. Students and their schools are then invited to showcase their works in Term 4.

The outstanding works for the 2021 Connections showcase are out now!

Promo video
student holding a red plane made from cardboard

Connections showcase 2021 out now!

View the showcase by selecting the image below.

Inclusive Creative Arts digital teaching resources

Are you looking for some fun and accessible creative arts lessons for students with a range of disability in your classroom? Well look no further, we have you covered. The following Art Bites and Creative Classes developed by The Arts Unit are perfect for teachers and carers to give wonderful creative learning opportunities for students from all age ranges and abilities. We are adding to these resources all the time so watch this space.

If you have any suggestions for other classes or topics to be developed you can contact us at


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