NSW Premier's Reading Challenge

Recommend a book for the Premier's Reading Challenge

The PRC team would love to hear your suggestion for the Challenge Booklists. Your suggested book will only be considered if it is:

  • a current publication
  • easily obtainable for any student in NSW
  • quality literature
  • suitable for student from Kindergarten to Year 10.


Book details
When a title begins with 'The', 'An' or 'A', type at the end. For instance,
  • Battle for Rondo, The
  • Ordinary day, An
  • Box of tricks, A

Last name, first name.
For instance: Baker, Jeannie; Griffiths, Andy

Supply book
Publishers and authors only

Please send a copy to:

NSW Premier's Reading Challenge
Locked Bag 1500
Petersham, NSW 2049

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